There are no racial pantheons on this world, as the dieties step forward during a time when it was prison colony. Openly accepting any and all who would follow them. While the dieties themself do have racial traits, they are still to this day accepted as a whole pantheon.

Aengeal – Lawful Good – Healing, Air, Protection — Dagger

Dray’gon – Chaotic Good – Plant, Animal, Earth — Greatsword

Telarr – True Neutral – Chaos, Law, Knowledge — Morningstar

C’Lynn – Neutral Evil – War, Destruction, Water — Bow

Deamhan – Chaotic Evil – Magic, Death, Fire — Spiked Gauntlet

There are other gods, who have just not chosen to make themselves known. They do grant their powers to followers, but only in limited forms. Followers of the unknown gods may only select 1 domain.


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