Telasia Revisited, takes place approximately one thousand years after the events of the original Telasia campaign. The current timeline is based on a possible outcome of the original parties actions, though they may skew the line, and these event may never take place, only time will tell.

During the current time line there are three statue’s placed in the main dome of the old prison colony, set to guard against the return of the mage-ocracy. They are the statue of a dwarf, a halfling, and a gnome. Though there were once names etched into the base of the statues, you can only read an R _ ri _ _ under the dwarf. Under the halfling you can read the letters _ an _ y P _ d _ _ edu _ _. Under the gnome nothing can be made out from the wear on the stone.

The Warden as a last effort sealed the planet, no means of magical transportation will allow the residents of the planet access off world. Even though she knew this would lock herself on this planet.

Telasia Revisited

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